How to help a gambler?

Instead of providing you long stories, here are the top pieces of advice we experienced in helping gamblers to reduce or solve their addiction.

What to Avoid

► Do not stay alone with this problem. Talk to someone you trust.

► Avoid taking the steps in his / her place, it does not help.

► Do not accept that he says, “If I play it's your fault”.

► Do not blame him/her because he plays, he already feels guilty. He certainly suffers from playing but can not manage to do otherwise even if he does not tell you.

► Do not set limits if you are not able to stick to it. Example: “If you're still playing, I'll leave you,” when you're not ready to do it.

► Do not try to control everything, you will exhaust yourself in vain.

► Avoid pressure to stop playing. Call an association for discussion.

What you can try to do

► Protect yourself and your children financially, with the help of professionals. To protect oneself is to protect the other.

► Break your isolation: trust your close entourage or a professional.

► Encourage the player to talk about the game and how it feels.

► Invite the player, without pressure, to consult: he must be ready.

► Try to find financial independence as much as possible.

► See your friends as often as possible.

► Find leisure or activities that will make you happy.

► Do not pay his/her debts


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