Countries most affected by gambling

Gambling is an addiction. Whether its sports betting, casino slots or just the usual lottery ticket we have all taken part in it at least once in our lifetime. On this list, we will take a close look at the countries most affected by gambling. These countries have recorded the most substantial annual loss per person, and they range from prospering to struggling. There are even countries that strive to protect their citizens from gambling on this list. Let's check out the countries with the most significant gambling problem (not in order).


Australia is the nation with the most prominent gambling problem. Over 80% of their adult population likes to bet whether it is online or on-spot. In this prospering country, the average person loses over $1,200 per year, which is the highest number recorded. Maybe the problem comes from the country's regulations. For example, the country doesn't tax gambling winnings, which attracts new players every day.


Gambling in Singapore started in 2010 with the launch of two of their casinos. The country has applied measures attempting to discourage local gamblers by requiring a fee for locals to play at any of the casinos. Tourists, however, aren't charged anything maybe because the casinos opened mainly as a tourist attraction in the first place. The average person has over $1,100 annual loss from gambling which is some of the highest around the globe.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s government is intrigued by the increasing interest in gambling, especially the online betting part. They tax all gambling winnings and support only one official club in which gambling is legal. In the Hong Kong Jockey Club, you can bet on football, horse racing, and a single lottery. The club is the most significant taxpayer in the whole country.


The Norwegian government has pretty strict measures when it comes to gambling. There is a law that forbids banks from allowing people to use any of their cards at casinos both home and worldwide. Despite all the measures, there are two established companies licensed to offer sports betting, so you're wondering how this country is on our list? Well the citizens of Norway have found other countries' online betting platforms that are legal and still have managed to accumulate over a $400 net loss per person


As opposed to countries like the US, Finland has found a way to benefit from legalizing gambling. There is three leading organization. The revenues from gambling go to different causes depending on the organization. The gambling industry in this country help in sectors such as healthcare, sports, arts, science, horse breeding, and youth work.


Although casinos are illegal in Ireland, the industry has found a way to thrive using loop-holes in the law. One of the largest and most successful bookmakers comes from Ireland – PaddyPower. Despite the inventive ways the online betting industry has found to let citizens enjoy betting, the Irish people still prefer land-based location.